Thomas Friends Wooden Railway Tidmouth Sheds Deluxe Set


Thomas & Friends appeal to both children, and believe it or not, adults. There is nothing more nostalgic than seeing that signature happy smiley face at the front of the train. Today, parents want to share that same magical feeling that they felt when they first watched Thomas & Friends back in the day – and what better way than to gift their child with a Thomas & Friends toy set.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway – Tidmouth Sheds Deluxe Set

This comprehensive train toy set is as close as you can come to the magical world of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. This deluxe box set comes with operable track signals, one covered bridge, two open bridges and 10 different train cars, that when assembled measures up to 47” x 31”. This deluxe replica will appeal to both old fans of the series and its charming characters, along with children who are just about to get acquainted to them.

At First Glance

This train set comes with ten different characters from the Thomas and Friends world, including Sir Topham Hatt, Sodor Line Caboose, Skarloey, Duke with coal car, Rusty with dumper and mixer, Bertie, Henry and tender, and of course the delightful Thomas the Tank Engine. While older fans will appreciate the assortment of characters, the younger ones will definitely love the many different choices of train cars in many different colors and faces.

This deluxe set is the full replica of Island of Sodor, and comes with the popular landmarks such as the Water Tower, 2 Sodor Bay Bridges, Tidmouth Sheds, Covered Bridge, Stop & Go Station and many more. As complete as this set already is, one of the best things about this train set is that it is compatible with other Thomas sets as well, which makes it infinitely scalable for those who wants to expand their collection.

A Perfect Addition to Any Playroom

It may come as a surprise that the manufacturer implemented a way to avoid from parents discarding the box of this toy set – but doubling it as a sitting cushion! When turned over, the storage box of this toy set comes with a padded cushion for the child to sit on while they play with the train set.

The main attraction of this toy is the Roundabout Action Turntable that is able to hold up to five different train cars at the same time, which can be moved around by using a rotating circular platform. The set is considerably huge, taking up quite some space – which will provide children with hours of fun playing with the set and watching the trains move about.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway – Tidmouth Sheds Deluxe Set Reviews

Here are what some parents are saying about this comprehensive train set.

“After searching & reviewing a couple of months for a Thomas train set for our 2 and 1/2 year old we ultimately decided on this set because we wanted something that would last and grow with our son. We love that it comes with a toy box and our little guy loves to sit on the back seat to watch his Thomas DVD’s. The quality is outstanding & it was fairly easy for Santa to set up the night before Christmas. We did have to put the bridges & incline pieces of track away for now as they kept coming apart. We may decide to glue them together after we move. Overall we are delighted with this Thomas set.” – Rachel F, Santa Clara

The main reason Rachel bought this set was simply because she wanted something that her son could grow with – and being there throughout the years, she chose Thomas and Friends. She commends on the quality of the set, along with how easy it is to set up the set.

“My son just loves this train set and it has all the parts. Easy to set up but can take up a good amount of space. Once you buy this set there really isn’t much else to buy other than the train cars. Good product and built well.” – Troy Groetken

According to Troy, this set alone is enough as it is already considered to be comprehensive and complete. Just like Rachel, Troy (and many other parents) had complained that the parts kept falling apart (because it is made out of natural wood). Some parents sorted the problem by using either wood glue or Sure Tracks plastic clips.

Toddler Toys Central Verdict:


  • A pretty complete and comprehensive train set, parents will probably don’t need to buy another set.
  • Comes with ten different train cars
  • Complete replica of The Island of Sodor
  • Huge set, and hard to get bored with
  • Compatible with other Thomas sets


  • Parts fall off easily, but can be fixed with wood glue or Sure Tracks plastic clips
  • Slightly expensive, but it is every child’s dream!


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